Local Placement

We welcome employers and job seekers to register with us. Our experienced personnel will perform necessary job searches according to the requirements of employers, as well as preferred job field for job seekers. We have an effective way of pairing the right talents with the right jobs.
We also encourage you to visit our office for an interview. This enables us to understand your personality and exact expectations and provide a more accurate matching.
Global Link also provides an online registration facility on this website for employers and job seekers. Just input the information as required and submit, and we will do the rest for you.

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International Workforce

Global Link has a legal, reliable, and stable source of supply for foreign labor. We are able to identify managers, technicians, skilled workers and labors who can meet the demands of employers from various fields.
In terms of foreign workers, we are able to supply and meet the strong demands for Bangladeshi labor, Burmese labor, Indian labor, Pakistani labor, Nepalese labor, Indonesian labor and labor of other designated nationality. We have legitimate channels of foreign workers and we follow proper procedure for foreign workers application which is in accordance with the guidelines provided by the related authority. This gives our clients a peace of mind in employing foreign workers in a lawful manner.

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Outsource Management

Global Link also provides value-added foreign worker management services, enabling them to focus on more productive parts of their businesses. We extend our outsource management service to cover the following areas:

Global Link provides arrangement for workers’ accommodation needs. Whether the key consideration is with the choice of location, nearby amenities or rental rate, we are always able to find suitable units to satisfy our clients. In addition, we can also flexibly include scheduled cleaning for staff quarters as a convenient option.

We offer convenient and timely transportation service for foreign workers between their living quarters and workplace.
Medical Needs

As part of its comprehensive services, Global Link is also able to make proper arrangements to carry sick or injured foreign workers to the appointed panel clinics for timely diagnosis and treatment.

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Outsource HR

The Outsource HR service of Global Link is especially important and useful for newly established companies as well as companies lacking in a dedicated Human Resource Department. We are able to take care of administrative duties as follows:
  • Employee Fund relate matters
  • SOCSO Registration
  • Application, Renewal, and Cancellation of Work Pass
  • Application, Renewal, and Cancellation of Passport
  • Application, Renewal, and Cancellation of Worker Insurance
  • All embassy affairs

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